Table & 8 Chairs with Your Party Only  $25

Eat Inside
Mr. Game Room
Have Cake or Snacks
$30 (Cleaning Fee)

Best Party
Again in 2019

Little Brother Or Sister?
Get a Second T-Shirt Only $7.95

Select the Best Game Room for Your Party

Mr. Game Room - (Big Red)  20 Player Party  $299.95
Truck Has 10  Consoles Including Xbox One, PS4, Xbox360, Wii,

Includes Fortnite on 2 PS4's  .
Game Truck Mr. Game Room

Mr Game Room - (BUDGET TRUCK) 20 Player Party 
(Sorry no promo codes allowed)  8 Consoles Including, Xbox360, & Wii, Fortnite not on this truck.

Mr. Game Room - (BRAND NEW ULTIMATE TRUCK) 16 Player $309.95  The Cadilliac of Video Game Trucks
Truck Outfitted with
10 Consoles Including, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox360 & Wii,

Includes FORTNITE on 2 - PS4s

Mr Game Room Junior- (Junior 90 Minute) 10 Player Party $ 219.95
Truck Outfitted with 5 Consoles Including, Xbox One, PS4,
Xbox360, Wii, Fortnite NOT on this truck.